Charles Williams' Nothing in Her Way

Charles Williams' novel Nothing in Her Way (1953) deals with a whole series of fascinating confidence tricks. 

Intricate and skilful plotting, ingenious confidence tricks, characters with some depth, taut suspense, an ambiguous hero and a femme fatale - what more could you want? Highly recommended.

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Lionel White's Clean Break

Lionel White's 1955 noir novel Clean Break was made into the superb 1956 Stanley Kubrick caper movie The Killing. The narrative innovations for which the film was praised are all in the book. Plenty of noirness here.

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Robert van Gulik’s The Red Pavilion

The Red Pavilion, published in 1961, is one of Robert van Gulik’s wonderful Judge Dee mysteries. It follows the usual pattern, with Judge Dee investigating three cases at the same time. This one includes three locked-room mysteries, all taking place on an island devoted to the pleasures of the flesh. It's one of the best of the Judge Dee mysteries. Highly recommended.

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