recent vintage crime reviews from my book blog

Some recent vintage crime reviews from my book blog:

J.J. Connington’s The Brandon Case (AKA The Ha-Ha Case), a very good Sir Clinton Driffield mystery from 1934.

William Ard's You’ll Get Yours, an excellent 1952 hardboiled/noir tale.

End of the Line by Dolores and Bert Hitchens, a terrific police procedural/railway mystery from 1957.

Charles Forsyte's Murder with Minarets, a very good 1968 murder mystery set in the British Embassy in Ankara. It makes fine use of its exotic setting.

Elspeth Huxley's Murder on Safari, a very entertaining detective thriller set in Africa.


Gideon’s Day

Gideon’s Day the first of John Creasey's twenty-one Commander George Gideon crime novels published under the pseudonym J.J. Marric. The series is widely regarded as being his greatest achievement and Gideon’s Day (published in 1955) is certain intriguing.

Here's the link to my review.