Ray Gaulden’s Rita

Ray Gaulden’s Rita is a 1959 noir novel with perhaps just the slightest touch of sleaze. But mostly it's just a pretty good noir tale with plenty of paranoia as a man on the run is caught in a trap by psychotic thugs and a beautiful dangerous woman.

Here's the link to my review.


from my vintage pop fictions blog

From my vintage pop fictions blog, some recent posts, with links to my full reviews.

Stephen Marlowe’s Model for Murder (published in 1955), an excellent hardboiled ”reluctant amateur detective” novel.

E. Howard Hunt's very entertaining 1967 spy thriller One of Our Agents Is Missing. And yes, this is the E. Howard Hunt of Watergate infamy and he was a pretty good writer.

John Burke’s Moon Zero Two, the novelisation of the extremely interesting 1969 Hammer sci-fi movie of the same name. And it's pretty decent.


best vintage crime reads of 2020

It’s that time of year again - the time for making lists. These were the vintage crime books I most enjoyed during 2020:

Erle Stanley Gardner’s wonderfully plotted 1936 Perry Mason mystery The Case of the Stuttering Bishop.

Charles Forsyte’s 1968 tale of murder in the British Embassy in Ankara Murder with Minarets. It captures the distinctive feel of diplomatic life extremely well.

Bert and Dolores Hitchens’ splendid railway mystery End of the Line (and you know how much I love railway mysteries).

James O. Causey’s dark paranoid 1957 noir tale Killer Take All!

John McPartland’s 1953 noir pulper Big Red's Daughter.

And two from Wade Miller (rapidly becoming my favourite noir writer) - Kitten with a Whip and Kiss Her Goodbye, both emotional roller coaster rides into nightmare.